April 2, 2023

Let’s get clear about hypnosis

What is it that you think about when you hear the word hypnosis? Does it evoke curiosity? or perhaps you may speculate a little about what it really is….

Some imagine images of a person being sent into a trance with a swinging watch, spirals…or maybe you’ve seen hypnosis performed on TV or in a movie…where people APPEAR to be under the control of someone else who has mystical powers. It’s important to note that staged hypnosis is really staged. It is not Clinical Hypnosis.

There are many different ways that people can source their misconceptions, but the truth is… hypnosis is a natural state, and we do it to ourselves every day. You are not asleep, you are not unconscious, and you remain completely in control of yourself.

Whether you are day dreaming…reading…driving…or maybe just really absorbed in the work you are doing. it’s that feeling where time flies! it’s a naturally occurring state…and you can’t be ‘in’ this state unless you want to be. It’s like being deeply focused.

We can describe Clinical Hypnosis as a peaceful, creative and productive state of inner absorption.

There is empirical evidence that hypnosis can enhance your treatment outcomes…so by focusing and learning to use your inner strengths and natural talents, your treatment outcome may be achieved in a much shorter time frame.

Consider the concept of will power…. How many of us have said at some time or other…’I know that I really need to go to the gym more often, BUT….we start to go, but then we often give up after a while. Logically, we understand that we should be doing something, but we just can’t seem to do it. This is because of our unconscious mind is generally in control. It’s our underlying default pattern of operating, and almost all of who we are is outside of our deliberate control, which means we go through a lot in life being outside of our immediate awareness.

Hypnosis is seen as a therapy tool, rather than a therapy itself.

When hypnosis is used, it helps us focus on our internal strengths, and it amplifies our resources. When I am working with you, I am therefore connecting you with the strongest and healthiest parts of yourself.

Sometimes, just seeing our problems from a different perspective, finding more awareness , or just understanding things more clearly help us to better manage and overcome our symptoms and problems.

Instead of panic or overwhelm, learn to manage with more calm. Learn how to develop the ability to shift your focus onto more of what’s right instead of only what’s wrong, and learn to focus toward what it is that you want…rather than just continually pulling yourself away from what you don’t want.

Importantly, how do you know that you’re receiving the right type of hypnosis? The internet is full of self-hypnosis tapes and lots of “one size” fits all approaches to hypnotherapy. How do we know how to choose what’s personally best for us? Working with a therapist who is accredited, licensed and registered is an important place to begin.

The experience of therapy and Clinical Hypnosis with Jenesis is completely personalised and very permissive, and is closely related to the Eriksonian style of Hypnosis. (Milton H Erikson, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist). Through information learnt about you, including your strengths and skills, you will experience a deepy focused state which will support your learning. Experience a greater sense of clarity, and understand more about what is controllable in your life and what isn’t. Learn how to manage better, Improve your coping skills, and reduce the need to cling to certainty during uncertain times.

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