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    By Published On: October 16, 2023Categories: Uncategorized

    We all possess habits we wish to alter or new ones we aspire to cultivate. The battle with willpower is a common challenge on this journey, whether it involves committing to a fitness program, shedding a few extra pounds, or conquering that irresistible urge to devour an entire chocolate bar instead of savouring a portion. [...]

  • Let’s get clear about hypnosis

    Let’s get clear about hypnosis

    Some imagine images of a person being sent into a trance with a swinging watch, spirals…or maybe you’ve seen hypnosis performed on TV or in a movie...where people APPEAR to be under the control of someone else who has mystical powers. It’s important to note that staged hypnosis is really staged. It is not Clinical [...]

  • What is it that you focus on the most…

    What is it that you focus on the most…

    The phrase "what you focus on you amplify in your awareness" (Dr M.Yapko Phd Psychologist), is a powerful reminder of the impact that our thoughts and attention can have on our perception of the world. Essentially, the more we direct our attention towards something, the more prominent it becomes in our consciousness. This principle can [...]